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One pair or two?

Posted by Cris on January 25, 2007

Ive recieved some derrogatory comments saying my last post was lame. So Ill write and even lamer one now, to show how unlame the last post was.

Preparations for our trip continue, I guess. Its not like we are actually doing anything, just thinking a lot about what we will have to do in the next few weeks. Im trying to make a list of toiletries and other things we will still need to buy before going, and trying to figure out how all the crap we set aside to go is actually going to fit in our bags. This involves such mentally stimulating self-conversation as, “Should I bring one or two pairs of jeans?” and “Will both my pillows fit in the bags?” (I am a huge wuss about sleeping and Im convinced my trip will be 100% better if I bring my own pillows, since the pillow quality in Ethiopia is yet to be determined.) Fascinating, I know.


3 Responses to “One pair or two?”

  1. joon said

    I love it. Pillows ! what a great subject! Here is my contribution to the subject: I use two pillows now, a tempurpedic one and one for my legs (well by extension for my back) and I have a hard to do without anywhere I go!
    Hope you will write an entry about pillows quality in ethiopia.
    He, ptite tete! thanks! for the entry, I guess now I will read your blog, you made such an effort for me!

  2. adam said


  3. Shalene said

    What only 2 pillows? Come on! Get some of those plastic bag things that you seal and roll up to squish all the air out! My Mom probably has a few you could have! My guess is you should be able to take atleast 3-4 if you squeeze out all the air! Love ya!

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