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Amy is 26 today!

Posted by Cris on February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday To AMY! She is a bit sad to not have a bunch of people around for her bday, so how about people start a virtual bday party in her mailbox. Email her at amycheesee [at]

 Ok, so now onto the news. We have a place to live! Yeah! Johannes, a friend of a man we met in Portland has offered us his service quarters for the fantastically low monthly price of 2000 birr. This is $250, roughly. For our (yet to be) hard earned cash we get a bathroom, kitchen/dining room, and living/bedroom. It is big though, more space than we could have imagined, and very nicely furnished. The best part? The man already has chickens and doves as pets and is enthusiastic about me planting a veggie garden. He has a dog as well, so Amy is happy. We will move in probably the 26th, right before starting work on the 28th. There is no booking fee, so make your reservations now!

We will probably be getting a cell phone soon as well, so I will let you know when I have a number. Itll be free for us to recieve calls.

We are currently 15 or so hours north of Addis (by mini-bus) in a town called Gonder. We have come to see what is billed as the “African Camelot”, or ruins of a really old castle and palace. We arrived here today and toured an old church (16th century) with fresco paintings all over the walls and ceiling. My favorite was a depiction of Mohamed on the back of a camel, being led into hell by the devil. Ancient muslim-bashing at its best.

Our hotel here is costing us 35 birr, about 4 dollars a night. What do you get for 35 birr? A giant room witha huge window overlooking the street, and a fairly comfy bed. Unfortunately, the pleasant parts stop there. The place is an obvious flop house, with condoms coming standard in the bedside tables (better than none). The bathroom, as far as we can tell, has no light, a very pungent aroma, and a turkish style squatter toilet that has been VERY well used. The shower affords a nice view of said squatter. Its been a while since we stayed in something this crusty. 

Yesterday we were in the town of Bahir Dar, touring some old Ethiopian Orthodox churches on islands in the middle of Lake Tana. Pics next week hopefully.

Miss you all.     


4 Responses to “Amy is 26 today!”

  1. Shalene said

    Yeah! I’m all caught up so far! I’m not envious of your hotel room! Happy Birthday Amy! Can’t wait for pics! XOXOXO

  2. AD said

    Happy Birthday, Amy!

    Great story, poor camel.


  3. pete said

    Happy birthday. Totally awesome birthday action is A MUST even when living in that great country called Africa. Play a game or two and kick one back for the old game nighters. I’ll do the same for you as I roll some doublets.

  4. joon said

    bon anniversaire amy! c’est ton anniversaire, 26 ans …. yeah!

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