Cris in Ethiopia

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Home Sweet Home

Posted by Cris on February 27, 2007

We are back in Addis, as of yesterday afternoon. More importnantly and happily, we are now moved in to our palacial abode. It is great to have everything unpacked and out,it was sorta like Christmas opening our bags. Last night we enjoyed hot showers then aboslutely passed out in our QUIET home. Its basically the first real night’s sleep I feel Ive had. The place is great- there are probably 10 chickens (‘doro’ in Amharic) and 15 pigeons (we call them doves because its a nicer name. The spanish can do it, why can’t we?) that live right above our door. There are also 2 dogs- Blacky, who is grey and white, and Max, who is our scary guard dog who so far hates us. I liken him to the Hound of the Baskervilles, because he only comes out at night.

So… the flop house turned out badly. We were up all night for 2 reasons: first, the ‘lovely’ big window overlooking the street that I talked about turned out to also overlook about 3 or 4 all-night-music-pounding bars, people screaming at eachother, and general drunkeness, until about 3:45 when they got quiet. The second reason was our two neighboring rooms were frequented all night by people making use of all those free condoms, and let me tell you we could hear every creak and groan. Ewww. That didnt stop all night, and the noise was back full on at about 5:45 when the trucks, buses, and general hubub started again. Needless to say we changed hotels and slept better the next night, despite some minor Gastro Intestinal (GI) issues on my part.

The castles at Gondar, the main attraction, were pretty cool though. The crazy Ethiopian kings of that time (roughly 1620 to 1740) built six castles all right next to eachother in about 120 years. That must have been some crazy construction. They looked like medievel castles, with spiral staircases and the works. They had a lion zoo though, and a “jacuzzi” and steam baths. 

We went back to Bahir Dar the next day and saw the Blue Nile Falls, which were big and waterfall-y.



2 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. joon said

    sorry about the awful nights you had! Happy you feel good in your new home!
    Keep writing, it is great to have news from you!
    On pense a vous

  2. AD said

    I want more photos! Get to work, you two. Did you get one of the well-used toilet as well?

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