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happy Cinco de Moustache wishes to you all

Posted by Cris on March 6, 2007

first of all, i got this comment to the blog, so it should help anyone who wants to call us-

‘ I stumbled upon your blog while surfing. I like it and best of luck to you re: visas.
This may help those who’re trying to contact you on your mobile. Your number is-


As you noted 251 is the country code for Ethiopia, 91 is the code for mobile phones in lieu of area codes for landline. You do NOT need to dial 0 before the 91. And 207-3567 is your mobile number. Hope this helps and Good luck in all. ‘

thanks selom.

disclaimer- the keyboard im using wont let me capitalize anything or use the shift keys all the time, so if the punctuation is bad forgive me.

i forgot cinco de moustache in all the running around we did yesterday trying, once again, to figure out our visa/going to djibouti stuff. i will shave a moustache in djibouti though, hopefully with the main brand of razor ive seen here, called “lord” razors. we are leaving to djibouti today and coming back friday, and our boss is paying for it all.

the best part of yesterday was going to the djibouti embassy. they had stopped issuing visas, for whatever reason. so we immediately were turned away when we walked in. this didnt bother the man who took us, nabil, at all. he seemed to know everyone at the embassy, including the ambassador, whom he called directly on his mobile to ask for visas. the ambassador said that yes, the president of djibouti said no more visas from ethiopia, but that for us itd be no problem. we didnt even have to bribe anyone, and one hour later we left with visas. magic, once again.

we have our stove now, and a small fridge, so weve been cooking and eating at home which has been great. we were really tired of eating out all the time. we even got makings for gin and tonics, so weve been enjoying some nightcaps as well.
all in all things are going well and we are anxious to figure the visa deal out once and for all.

Gotta go- we will let you know how it turns out.


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