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Guard Dog -vs- Guard Human

Posted by Cris on March 13, 2007

On Sunday morning we awoke to a ruckus, barking and yelling coming from the corner of the yard. I looked out the window and didnt see anything, and then everything went quiet and we heard no more, so we figured it was nothing and went back to bed. Two hours later, as we were getting our breakfast ready, Tigist, the maid, knocked on the door. She speaks about as much English as we speak Amharic, but she made it known that “Max woosha, Fantolom” while she was making one of her hands bite her other arm. So Max, the guard “woosha” bit Fantolom, the guard human. I grabbed our first aid kit and ran out, and there was Fantolom sitting on some cardboard in the yard, shaking and looking shocky. He had bites on his leg, arm, and a deep scratch on his collar bone. His arm was fine and already scabbed, the collar bone wasnt bleeding but looked like it needed stitched up, and the leg was bleeding like crazy. So I put some plastic bags on my hands (no gloves in the first aid kit- whoops) and cleaned up his leg a bit. It was pretty swollen and obviously painful, and all I could do was apply pressure with some cotton pads and wrap our Ace bandage around it, to keep up the pressure. We called Yohannes, the man were renting from, who was away for the weekend, and he said to lend Tigist and Fantolom about 100 birr so they could go to the clinic, and then gave them directions to the clinic.

(Oh- dont worry. By the time we went out the dog was back in his cage, safely away from everyone.)

We gave them what birr we had, which was only 22, and sent them on their way. Shaken, we went inside and had breakfast.

The outcome is that Max will be leaving, going to be a big bad guard dog down in Awasa, a town to the south where Yohannes is building a school. He will be the guard dog at the construction site, where if he bites someone they probably deserve it. Fantolom is limping around but in good spirits, and seems to be healing up fine. Max, in the mean time, stays 24/7 in his cage. I still dont know exactly what caused the attack, I gather that Fantolom was trying to push Max away from something, or back into his cage, and Max evidently didnt like it. We told Tigist and Fantolom (through Yohannes) that they shouldnt be afraid of waking us up (this is why they waited 2 hours to tell us) and that if something like this happens again, or if they need us for ANY reason for that matter, to let us know ASAP.

Rob- I dont know how long Injera keeps, but I think this was for use in restaurants, so hopefully it was consumed pretty fast.

Nic/Keith/Jar- No, I think that for some reason there is not teff in Djibouti, so they cant make real injera there.


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