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The end of floating, sorta

Posted by Cris on March 13, 2007

I worked last night. I know, shocking. It was a 2 hour Intermediate 1 class that i sat in on/co-taught with another teacher. So my definition of work is pretty liberal, as I wasnt teaching by myself. But the most important part is that I earned some money. Amy has a class this morning and another tonight, and I have another tomorrow night. I start another class next week, a conversation class.
I am sad to say that the opportunity to teach kids at an elementary school slowly swirled its way down the drain yesterday, and Im still not exactly sure why. The man Ive been talking with called me in the morning, saying that there was some concern from his colleagues (the admin of the school, I guess) that I would have a conflist of interest since Id be working at their school and Windsor at the same time. I explained to him that this was false, that Windsor’s target audience is adults, not children. I also reiterated that my work hours were completely different for the two places, and that one would in no way affect the other. Besides the fact that Id be teaching English at both places, there is no conflict of interest because the organizations dont cater to the same populations at all. So he said he would call me back in two hours to let me know what his “people” said. Of course he didnt call me until after lunch, and said that his “people” still thought that it wouldnt be appropriate for me to work at both places. They wanted me to drop my work at Windsor and work only for them. I told him, basically, tough luck- I couldnt drop Windsor since they were the reason we came and they were the ones who helped us get our visas, work permits, and residency permits. I explained to him again that there was no conflict of interest, and that he either had one teacher to fill one of his (supposedly many) empty slots, and that his “people” could get over their aversion to my other job, or he could look for someone else. He said he would call me back that evening and let me know, but he didnt call so Ive written the whole thing off. I dont know- something about it seems fishy. Maybe he had another reason for not wanting to hire me and this was an excuse? Who knows. So Im angry and dissapointed that it didnt work, but thats life, right? Especially here, it seems. The really crappy part was that because this guy assured me I had the job I told Windsor I didnt need as many hours, so right now I have only 9 hours a week with them. I can probably grab more in the coming weeks, but that doesnt help for now.
Either way, it is nice to de doing at least a tiny bit of something, rather than just waiting around for something to happen. Thats all weve been doing since weve been here, and it is getting pretty old. Vacation is nice, unless you dont want it.


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