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Posted by Cris on March 21, 2007

It happened again this morning: we were getting breakfast, we heard a yell and then a lot of angry barking. Ran to the window, and Fantolom was hanging at the top of the gate, Max (guard dog) tearing his pants off. This is a tall gate- 8 feet or so- so it must have been a feat for Fantolom to climb it. Unfortunately the top has spikes on it. So by the time I got out there, broomstick in hand, to shoo Max away and lock him up, then help Fantolom, the scene looked like this:

Fantolom, perched on the top of the gate, his pants completely off. His hand, with a deep gash right in the middle of the palm, bleeding all down the gate. He wasnt wearing drawers either, so he was bare assed in the wind. Probably the most embarassing situation I could imagine being in. First he is hurt, second bare assed, third there are witnesses.

Amy stayed inside and I bandaged him up again, he is fine I think, beside pain and embarassment. I left shortly after to come to work, and Amy reported that around noon the vet came, she heard a lot of barking, then a sudden stop to the barking. So we think Max has gone to the big pound in the sky. Good.  

Now our only guard dog is Blacky, who Im sad (or glad?) to say probably wouldnt attack a fly. Hes scared of the pigeons, to tell the truth.

I paid 5 birr for a beard trim yesterday, since my clippers promptly started puffing smoke and stopped working shortly after we arrived.   


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  1. jane said

    How are the chicken?

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