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Posted by Cris on March 22, 2007

The other day Amy and I went on an errand- we had to go register, yet again, this time at the Federal Police. So not only will all our vital info be on file, but our fingerprints too. Anyhow, we didnt have everything we needed (miscommunication with our boss) so we werent able to do it, and we were both pissy. I came home, grey cloud above my head shooting out lightning bolts, and went to see what Fantolom was up to. I like to chat with him even though we cant ever say anything to eachother. (Though its gotten better: since first Amharic lesson I can now say, “food” and “where is ___?” So I entertain myself by asking him, “Blacky yet no?” (Where is Blacky?) even though Blacky is sitting at our feet)
He pointed to my backpack and said, “Camera?” and I said no, that the camera was in the house (bet). I went and got it, then came out with it. I knew he wanted me to take his picture. When he saw me with the camera he got really excited- giggling like a girl, jumping up and down excited. He motioned for me to wait and ran to his room, where he spent the next 10 minutes changing clothes and combing his short short hair. Then he came out, ready for his glamour shots. He leaned against the railing of the porch and looked sorta seductive/badd for the camera, and I snapped a few pictures. He was pretty excited to see himself on the back of the camera. Hopefully I can get them printed for him somewhere.

Amy and I are going to start teaching him and Tigist English, in return for Tigist teaching Amy to cook Ethiopian food. Then we will be able to communicate better, in theory.

One of my classes invited me out for kit fo yesterday, which is raw beef dipped in different spices then eaten. I guess you can get it cooked as well, but they said the raw one is the best. I told them we’d have to wait until after Easter (fasika) so everyone, even the fasting Orthodox, could go. Ill report on that little adventure after Im able to move more than ten feet from the toilet.

We are both feeling better now that Ive eliminated the poisoned ice-cubes from our diet. All the chickens are long dead, but hopefully Ill help buy some more this weekend, if the prices arent too elevated in anticipation of the Easter fast-breaking feasts. The pigeons, of course, are still going strong, so I dont think it was bird flu that killed them afterall.


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