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A Whole New World…

Posted by Cris on March 25, 2007

We went souvenir shopping today, with Chris Kurtz, a man who sits on the board of EBCEF, the library organization Yohannes (the guy were renting from and general ass kicking dude) works for. We met him in PDX prior to coming here, so its awesome to hang out with someone from home. He brought us some stuff from Amy’s mom (THANKS HELEN! The Easter candy was a great treat) and the Mercury (weekly newspaper) from home. Chris grew up here, so he has told us a lot of things in Amharic and generally helped us understand life more.
The souvenir shops were amazing- a whole new world for me. Its like shopping at thrift stores except better, because everything is new and cool. Knives, old swords, wooden bowls, chairs, tables, old bibles, wooden and metal crosses, spears, necklaces, bracelets, lip plates from the Mursi tribe, pretty much anything you can imagine really. You never know what youll see or find: an old bayonet? Check. A Boy Scouts of America canteen? Yup. An ashtray from the Empire State Building? You know it. Italian coins from the 1920’s? Uh huh.
We bought a basket and some little animals made from wool, and Chris bargained hard for some wooden spoons. It was pretty fun, and really cool.

We went for a jog this morning, and it proved to me yet again that we are living at 8000 feet. I died! Amy kicked my butt, and I blame it on the altitude. I could go for about 15 minutes, and that was it. Pray for Amy when she does her Women’s 5k run next weekend. It was fun though, and also proved something else to me: about 90% of the things I do here are totally hilarious to most people. I am a comic genius, really, when it comes to Ethiopians. Running behind a group of women during their cool-down, joining a group of guys running across the square, throwing a karate kick in the direction of some guys practicing tae-kwon-do- all of it was hilarious. How will I survive back in America, where people dont find me so interesting??


2 Responses to “A Whole New World…”

  1. Grandma Banning said

    Hello! Love you. I finally got on the web and will catch up. Talk to you later.

  2. Grandma Banning said

    Hello dear ones, Sitting here this morning enjoying a glimps into your world…Never a dull moment! Aunt Dee and kids are here until Tuesday..spring break. your Mom went with them for a day in Seattle..Everyone is ok. Nicci and family came by last night and had dinner with us..Mason is growing so fast..he’s wonderful..Nic and Keith are good parents. I’m ok, waiting to get my new brace, should be ready next week. Don’t worry about me dears, it will all come out in the wash. Amy, be careful running…I worry about you 2.

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