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Posted by Cris on March 26, 2007

Id just stepped out of the supermarket, having bought some sugar-covered peanuts for a snack later, when I saw two street kids- small ones, seven or eight years old- running my way. I prepared myself for the rebuff, and as they reached me I waved my hand, “no thanks”.  The little boy, who had reached me slightly before the little girl, pushed her, two handed in the middle of the chest (towards oncoming traffic in the street). She retaliated with a punch to the neck. Two seconds later they were full on fighting eachother: closed-fisted punches to the face, scratching at eyes, everything. I yelled at them to stop; they didnt. So I grabbed them, one tiny body in each  hand, and forcibly ripped them apart from eachother. Then they stopped, though if looks could kill…

Then their mother/grandmother/guardian walks up, and rather than saying anything to the kids, who as far as I can tell were siblings, looks at me and holds out her hand, asking for money.




One Response to “What?”

  1. Rob said

    But it got your attention!
    On a different note, I just found out about – a non profit that specializes in micro-loans, connecting donors (a donor can loan as little as USD$25)to developing nation entrepeneurs. A quick look through the list of requests showed none in Ethiopia. They are looking for Kiva (which means unity in Swahili) Fellows, people who are in the country and want to work with microfinance partners there to document and journal the impact that these types of loans can make to people and their communities.
    In your spare time there (haha) you might want to check them out. I think you will find the story of how this came to be intersting, and maybe get Addis some representation!

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