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Corrected: m-ASS-age

Posted by Cris on March 27, 2007

Melissa corrected me: “Thank you for the kind words; let me offer a modest correction: we have four children by birth, and were in Addis to adopt our eighth and ninth children. I know; it’s ridiculous.”
I just got done with a massage, and Amy is getting one right now. Theyre 40 birr for an hour, so we couldnt really resist. Now, Ive only had one massage before, so I for sure dont have a lot of experience with these things, but I can honestly say Ive never had so much attention paid to my butt before. While on one hand it was strangely gratifying, it was also a bit unnerving. I kept getting images in my head of this poor woman’s face suspended mere inches above my hairy, milk-pale butt, and as you can probably imagine thats not a pretty picture. That plus my intense worry that my asking for a massage could have been interpreted as asking for a “massage” made it hard to relax. It was nice though, even the very intense, nearly-depilatory head rub.

So I think my last post from yesterday was a little too harsh and sarcastic. Rob, it is true that I should be more outgoing about these things. I need to see them as a good reason to practice my Amharic, and not get all pissy. Whenever I assure myself that the culture shock is over and that Im feeling totally at home here, the expectation that things will be like I assume rears its ugly head.

We had tea with the author of “There is No Me Without You” at our house last night. Shes in town adopting another couple of kids and working on some new writing projects. She is a very nice, down to earth, awesome, giving, loving and ultimately inspiring lady. She and her husband have two or three biological kids and these adoptive boys will be their 3rd and 4th. Its awesome what she is doing for ethiopian orphans- hopefully her book will make big waves for change and advocacy here. It seems, from talking to her, that there is a lot of interest in Ethiopian adoptions right now, and I cant help but think that her book will bring even more attention to all these kids. Read the book, read the book, read the book!

A friend of ours came over two nights ago, her name is Nardos. She works at the internet cafe close to our house, and agreed to help us learn to cook ethiopian food. We made misr wat and shiro wat: lentil stew and chickpea-powder stew respectively. The food was amazing, now we just have to try to replicate it ourselves. Afterwards we had coffee at her house- super strong stuff, but not too bad. It was my first time, besides random sips from Amy’s macchiatos, that Ive had coffee. I dont forsee myself becoming addicted to it, but I think I can handle it sometimes .

Im going to slip and slide my way back to Amy now- the massage has left me greasier than a Playboy centerfold.


2 Responses to “Corrected: m-ASS-age”

  1. Drew said

    I’m not trying to be too critical but don’t you think that this post would be better titled “Happy Endings”. That would have added to the suspense.

  2. Hi Cris & Amy,
    I’m back in Atlanta and just found your lovely website & photos.
    THank you for the kind words; let me offer a modest correction: we have four children by birth, and were in Addis to adopt our eighth and ninth children. I know; it’s ridiculous.
    Unfortunately the adoption paperwork is not complete yet, so we had to fly home without the boys; but our current children and future children had a fabulous week together.
    I’ll be in touch with you offlist, since there are parents of specific children at Little Atetegeb who want to be in touch with you.
    Thanks for your adventurous souls and big hearts.

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