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Amazing Women

Posted by Cris on April 2, 2007

Amy ran, as I previously reported, in a women’s run on Sunday. She ran with about 8,000 other women, all in blue tshirts. It was an impressive sight, all of them lined up for the start. It was cool to see such a show of solidarity among the women, especially in a place when it seems like so many women are submissive or passive. Of course, 8,000 women out of a city of 8 million means there were many who didnt run. But there were old ladies, young girls, barefoot runners, obviously poor, rich, people who train, people who did it in jeans, etc. p1010422.jpgReally all types of women. The feminist spirit is alive here, at least a bit. The winner did it in maybe the late 14 minute area, and Amy finished strongly in second place at 30 minutes. After the run we went to a ceremony at the Shola Children’s Library, to kickoff book week. I stood within spitting distance of the Ambassador of Swaziland, who was the guest of honor. The ceremony was great- kids did a skit, there was a troupe of small girls doing traditional dances from around Ethiopia, and awards were given for the best readers of the year. AND we got free cookies and pop. What a deal! The evening finished with a going away party for one of Amy’s students, who is moving back to her home in Somaliland. There was dancing, good food, and we tried to drink some camel milk. The milk was slightly salty, smoky (sorta like a smoked cheese) and very thin. I imagined that it would be completely different- i thought itd be thick and very cream/milky tasting. It didnt help that it was warm. We couldnt finish our glasses, and that is that.  

Saturday we had a busy day also. We went on a hike/walk in the country with a group called the Hash House Harriers, an originally British club of people who like to run, walk, and drink. They called themselves a drinking group with a running problem, and it was true. We went to the top of Entoto, a mini-mountain just outside of the city. Two people had set out the course earlier, and we followed small piles of shredded paper (quite environmentally friendly, actually) around through the woods of eucalyptus trees, across some fields, and up and down a few gullies. It was a cross-country hike, not following any trail besides the paper. It was about a 45 minute walk which was not very strenuous. A longish stroll really. Then we got back, and everyone busted beers out of their trucks and we sat around drinking beer for an hour before heading back the the city and rendez-vous-ing at a bar for more drinks! It was good fun and we met a couple with whom we may go camping this weekend as well.

That night we made dinner (burritos, even the tortillas) for some friends, Pierce and Hannah, who we met when we went to Bahir Dar way back when. Good times were had by all.

More pictures up! Take a look.


2 Responses to “Amazing Women”

  1. mom said

    amy, congrats on the run:) i am glad you both are doing things with new friends. and what a varied group they sound to be. hobnobers to ambassadors.
    i wouldn’t of thought of camels milk as being a smoky flavor either. love to you both, mom xxxooo

  2. Jamie said

    Congrats to Amy! It’s my first time reading the blog… Drew took a while getting around to telling me that you were writing it. It’s great hearing what you are doing over there, especially since I’m reading the whole thing at once! Drew has been having a lot of calling card trouble, but he’s trying to get ahold of you, so be on the lookout!

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