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Happy Birthday Mom!

Posted by Cris on April 2, 2007

Remember when you said that if we were good we could stay up until 8 o’clock, instead of going to bed just at 8? My class the other day thought that was hilarious. Remember how you said that if we ate the seeds from the watermelon we would have watermelons growing in our bellies? They thought that was funny too. Have a great 26th Bday, I love you.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom!”

  1. mom said

    thank you for my laugh. i never thought that my mom-isms would be heard by people in africa one day or i would have used much better ones, ha, ha, ha. they must have worked thought ’cause you still remember them. love to you, mom xxxooo

  2. Nicci, Keith & Mason said

    You should tell them that “drugs are bad, they’re expensive- don’t do them.” My favorite piece of advice.

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