Cris in Ethiopia

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Posted by Cris on April 6, 2007

So I figured out that there is a different way people can talk to me/us if they want. Its a little old school sounding, but here goes. It has come to my attention that Yahoo has an instant messenger with voice. So its like IM-ing, but you can talk to eachother. You have to have a headset (think secretary with the microphone) and connect at the right time, but then it works. The internet cafe close to our house has a headset available and they say its ok to talk there, so if I made a date with someone itd be possible to talk this way. Its free as well. And I think you can make PC to phone calls, so with this it might be possible to call our cell phone for super cheap, like a couple cents a minute. My yahoo name, or whatever you call it, is crisjdavis, amy’s is amycheesee. Ill sign up and try to get on soon, so anyone who wants to join and try to talk can do it.


2 Responses to “Communication”

  1. Shalene said

    hey Cris I wrote your address down. Is that where we can send a package to you guys? Is it expensive to send packages to Ethipia? Shae

  2. jane said

    hey, is that because since you chat with people, you decided to not write anymore?

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