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Orphanage Stuff

Posted by Cris on April 27, 2007

The orphanages are going well, as are most of the children. I dont know if it neccessarily has a lot to do with HIV or just the fact that there are so many children living close together, but of course theyre sick all the time. Its hard to see a kid who is one day beautiful, smiling, and playing turn into a sick little ball of shame and scabs three days later. This is a real case- one of the cuties was missing when I went on Tuesday, and I went to look at the baby  in the small kids room and there was said cutie, scabby and whimpering. She saw me come in and covered her face with a blanket- nobody can tell me that kids (shes about 1 1/2 years old) arent conscious of their appearance. She has chicken pox, according to the nurse. Hopefully its true, or I may be hiding my face behind a blanket soon. Hopefully chicken pox in America and the same as in Ethiopia. Hopefully she gets better soon.

But for every case like this there also seems to be an equal or better one going the other way. One of the girls at Ahope was really really sick a week ago. A nurse told me she was in the “waisting”stage, which means she was so sick as to not have an appetite, and if she ate she would usually vomit it back up. On top of this she was depressed. She wouldnt play, talk, or respond to anyone really. She walked around, slowly and gingerly, but that was about it. So she looked bad, and I was scared for her. I started bringing her bananas, which she actually ate, to try and actually get something her. This week, lo and behold (I am NOT claiming that the bananas did this- I only fed her 2 bananas over a week. The bananas here are good, but not that good.) she has started eating again, for whatever reason, and looks about 300% better. She runs, plays, laughs, talks, and looks less like a walking skeleton and more like a little girl. It feels miraculous to see her this way, after having her be sick since I started going to her orphanage.

In other orphan news, there is a couple from America who is trying to adopt a girl, Yenu, from Atetegeb. The story is that they adopted a girl, Tadu, from Ethiopia 18 months ago, and found out shortly before going to pick up Tadu that she had a younger sister, Yenu. Here is their website:


One Response to “Orphanage Stuff”

  1. Rob said

    Thanks for the update and the link to the Romeo family site! You are stonger than me — I don’t think I could go through those daily emotional swings. I’m glas that you are getting to see both sides. It’s far to easy to focus only on one or the other.

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