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Posted by Cris on April 27, 2007

God, Im making myself sick. Its so easy to inject pup into everyday language. The word for garbage in Amharic is “kooshasha” and the word for dog is “woosha”, so I said the other day that the dogs I found in the trash were “wooshasha”, which is a brilliant joke, but nobody understood.

Aaaanyhow, the dogs opened their eyes on Wednesday, so it seems that our feeding them is doing something. Judging by that and the increased amount of poo coming out of them, they seem to be doing quite well. Fantahon told me that when theyre 1 month old we can feed them injera and milk, which will mean theyre real Ethiopian dogs.

I didnt mean to sound unhappy about feeling like a senior citizen. Im happy with the arrangement, but it makes me laugh too. The people are cool and do cool things, have cool jobs, and good outlooks on life. So I am learning from them, so i can be a cool old guy some day.


One Response to ““Pup”date”

  1. Rob said

    Pups are like kids — you soon learn that what goes in one end comes out the other! These pups are miles ahead just by having great human contact. I can’t wait to hear the “I had to sleep all night on the floor with them because they were whining to get into bed with us” story 🙂

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