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Donkey, Dog, Goat

Posted by Cris on May 2, 2007

I read this somewhere, but can’t remember where: long ago in Ethiopia a dog, a donkey, and a goat decided to go on a trip together and they took a taxi. When the donkey decided to get out he paid the driver and got out, no problem. Then the goat told the driver to stop, got out, and ran off without paying. The dog was left, and when he got out he paid but the driver drove off without giving him his change. This is why, when driving in Ethiopia, the donkey pays no attention to cars, just plods along. The goat flees, because he is scared the taxi is coming back to get paid. And the dog, trying to get his change back, barks and chases the car.

We are good. Amy is feeling better from her bronchitis, post antibiotic treatment from the clinic here. I, on the other hand, seem to have caught a little “goonfaan” or cold. Goonfaan is my other favorite amharic word besides kooshasha (garbage). Theyre both so fun to say.

More pics up of, what else? The puppies. Amy asked the other day, “what did we talk about before we had the puppies?” I said, “We didnt talk, we just listened to books on tape.” They ate some injera yesterday, for the first time. A very messy affair. Theyve started playing, wagging their tails, and walking around a lot more. They growl and bark at eachother, but dont seem to know exactly what to do when. Blacky is really intrigued with them now, and reeeeally wants to play.


One Response to “Donkey, Dog, Goat”

  1. Deirdre said


    I’ve really been enjoying reading what youve written so far, its very insightful. Recently I sent a link to my friends, and they all enjoy reading the blog as much as I do, and love the pictures of the puppies. I hope you’re well, and say hi to Amy.

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