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Posted by Cris on May 7, 2007

For those of you who didnt know already, puking really sucks. Ive done extensive testing of this theory in the past 18 or so hours. Amy and I both got food poisoning last night, so we were competing for bathroom and bucket time. Either she poisoned us with some not well-washed salad, or I did with some not well-cooked eggs. Or we got the mystery sickness, which is always a possibility. Anyhow, no work today for me. Amy was able to make it to her class, which wasnt until 6pm.
When I called in to work the seceretary told me to drink ambo (sparkling mineral water)with lemons and honey, which sounds good now but didnt when Id just finished re-visiting my dinner. Other remedies weve been told for sicknesses weve had here: boiled Coca-Cola (for the flu), boiled Orange Juice with a shot of vodka in it (flu- this one is sold in some cafes), boiled Mirinda with vodka (flu- I guess they think orange flavored pop is an OK substitute for OJ). And the one I really agree with: boiled lemons, sliced in half, with peel and all. Add some loose tea and smother with honey before drinking down. It seems to provide a good shot of Vitamin C.


One Response to “Remedy”

  1. jane said

    I am sorry to hear you are sick, I am sorry I did not get back to you guys recently. I am still writing on new recent gossip and will send them to you very soon!

    Have fun with your puppies !

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