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New York Times Article

Posted by Cris on June 7, 2007

There was an interesting article in the New York Times recently that talks about adoptions in Ethiopia. Here is the link:

The article talks about many of the things I see here: exploding numbers of kids leaving the country, the desire for adoptive parents to understand the child’s origins, and the fairly well (as far as Ive seen) run orphanages. Also, maybe most importantly, the fact that organizations are opening other facilities to help children stay in their families as long as possible by providing help to the families. Im not familiar with any of the organizations mentioned in the article, but I have a few contacts and appointments to tour some other orphanages and see what theyre like in the near future. Im also, on a different note, going to tour the Matador tire factory soon, where two of my students work.


2 Responses to “New York Times Article”

  1. Owlhaven said

    I linked to your blog on my Ethiopia blog today. I’ve been enjoying your blog for awhile.

    Mary, mom to many, including 2 still at Layla House in Ethiopia

  2. mom said

    cris, this may be the same article that was in the TNT, i sent it to you.

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