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The Most Depressing Thing

Posted by Cris on June 8, 2007

You may be thinking- “Duh! The most depressing thing about Ethiopia must be the beggars/triple amputees/HIV orphans… etc etc etc.” Well, you’d be wrong. Currently, and I dont know what this suggests about me, the most depressing thing in Ethiopia are my students’ test scores. I gave two tests on Wednesday, in my Basic Beginner and Advanced 1 classes. Now, the majority were good. They did well, made me proud, and produced fridge-worthy tests. Some though… not so much. The lowest score I had was 7/100. This wasnt by someone who looked at their test, did some easy ones, and then left to get a cheeseburger. No, the poor woman sweated and scribbled for two hours over the thing. In my other class the lowest was 35%. I go through the test, give examples for each section, and even do the first question of each section with the whole class. People STILL got these ones wrong! I told them the answers!

Other than this, life is good. The resident crazy guy in our neighborhood, who used to just scream at me from across the street, has recently started saying hello to me instead. I must have passed some sort of test, or perhaps my weeks of only replying, “Hello, Good morning, how are you, etc” have sunk in and Ive been deemed a non-threat.

The orphanages are gaining and losing kids, with one new 1 month old girl at one and some recent or very imminent departures to America from the other. We are trying to prepare for the rainy season, two months with little time to play outside. Earplugs, anyone?



3 Responses to “The Most Depressing Thing”

  1. mom said

    cris, don’t dispare, remember yourself in school. tests scare people, are the ones that failed the test learning otherwise? good luck with the kids, games, coloring?, put on a play. get ready for lots of colds with the wet. lots of love, mom

  2. Shalene said

    Hmmm, rain…I feel a good game of Uno coming on! Do you need a deck?

  3. pete said

    I hear you on the test scores.

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