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South Omo

Posted by Cris on September 27, 2007

Hey all. We are back in Addis for our last few days here in Ethiopia. We leave for Europe on Monday. We got back in today, after spending about two weeks riding in buses up ands down Ethiopia, the main point of which was to visit the South Omo region, and the fascinating people who live there. I know Ive mentioned it before, but Ethiopia is big. We get used to America being big, but we all sorta understand about how big it is. When you go to a new country its hard to grasp the size.  To illustrate: to get to where we were going, Jinka, we took: a five hour bus to Awassa, a 6 hour bus to Arba Minch, and then a 10 hour bus to Jinka. When we got there it still took us three hours in a Land Cruiser to get to the people we were going to see. It was long and we are very happy to have no more days in the bus ahead of us. People are impressive in buses here. In America a three hour car ride, for many people, neccesitates a selection of music, a book, snacks, water, and maybe even more. We need to be entertained, fed, watered, and for God’s sake never bored. But people here board a bus for a 10 hour ride with their clothes and a bag. Thats it- no food, book, nothing. The time is spent talking, dozing, staring out the windows… Even mothers with babies take nothing with them. No diaper bag, no rattles. No, we didnt figure out the mystery of how babies make it through a long busride without needing to be changed a bunch of times.


One Response to “South Omo”

  1. mom said

    it’s good to hear from you, glad you’re safe. love mom xxxooo

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