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Ethiopian Airlines

Posted by Cris on September 28, 2007

Ethiopian Airlines has a stellar reputation as an international carrier, but is seen here as having sacrificed their domestic service to do so. We were supposed to fly to Jinka, saving ourselves a few days of bus travel. First our flight, scheduled for Saturday, was cancelled due to “maintenance” that they apparently didnt know they needed to make when we booked the tickets. Then, on Sunday, our flight got cancelled again and rescheduled for Tuesday. We had, at that point, effectively lost 4 days of our trip south.  If they cancelled our flight on Tuesday we would not be able to go. As I was discussing what to do with an Ethiopian Airlines rep, he said, “You should take the bus- its more reliable.” I told him I was surprised to hear that, and that I would be sure to pass his advice on- not to take Ethiopian for domestic flights, but to take the bus instead (even if itll take three days) because its more reliable. So here it is, the new Ethiopian Airlines domestic slogan: “Ethiopian Airlines- Almost as Reliable as the Bus” 


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