Cris in Ethiopia

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Posted by Cris on October 3, 2007

We got some pictures up of our Omo trip this morning, so now you should be able to see illustrations of the stories from down there.

Quick note of clarification: in the pictures of the Hamer women, the red stuff in their hair is a mix of ochre powder and butter that they run into their hair and make dreads with all the time. Its not something they do just for celebrations, it just what they look like. The stuff melts in the sun and drips onto their skin, which is why many of them have it all over. This is one of the main things the Hamer are famous for.


2 Responses to “Fotos”

  1. mom said

    we must be in “ethiopia” time cause our slow computer wouldn’t upload the movies. but, the photos were amazing. thank you for sharing. lots of love mom xxxooo

  2. Shalene said

    I agree with Aunt Cathy…my slow dial up wont load the movies so I will have to wait until I go to a house with faster internet than I have. (Parents house) I’ve enjoyed the saga! Like someone said before me…On to the next adventure! xxx-ooo Shae

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