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Hamer Market

Posted by Cris on October 3, 2007

Our last day in the Omo, before going to the village I mentioned in the last post, we spent in a town, seeing their market. It was market day, so all the people from around walked or donkeyed into town to get their supplies. It was easily the most pure market Ive seen, what we would think of as a flea market almost. Women (mostly) with small baskets of things to trade: tomatoes, butter, cream, milk, corn- sitting around and trading with others. Very few people were there as a “business” just selling things. We bought some souvenirs but then got into the spirit, trading some of our things with people for the rest. We traded some of Amy’s old jewelry, a few headbands Id bought in Addis, a small flashlight, and even Amy’s old pair of holey jeans. It was fun bargaining that way, almost reminiscent of trading baseball cards as a kid. Wait- did anyone actually do that- or were we all too busy saving them and making plans for when we bame millionaires thanks to our mint-condition Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards? Anyhow, it was a blast.

At the end we were waiting to go and busted out a jar of fingernail polish which we had with us. We sat under a tree in the shade and started painting fingernails- men and women. They thought it was cool, I guess, to get red sparkly nails from some farenjis, because we had quite a few customers.


2 Responses to “Hamer Market”

  1. Rob said

    Sounds like a hoot!

  2. mom said

    that story reminds me of when dad and i went to mexico. we traded colored ink pens, candy bars (payday), sunglasses and combs. you’re right it was so fun. love mom xxxooo

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