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Haute Savoie

Posted by Cris on October 10, 2007

So here we are in Southern France, 40 km west of Geneva, near a city called Annecy. Its beautiful- big cliff-filled mountains, green fields filled with brown cows wearing bells, lakes, fruit trees, old farmhouses, and (knock on wood) sunshine. We’re staying at our friend Julie’s boyfriend’s parent’s house (ahhh connections), restarting our physical selves and eating to beat the band. Our outdoor activity tally so far: one day of bike riding (brutal, considering 8 months off bikes), a long walk to recover the next day, and a 3 hour hike then a 3 hour spelunking adventure today. Tomorrow we leave for a 3 day backpacking trip in the mountains.

The cave was super cool today- a giant waterfall, wearing helmets and harnesses, clipping into lines so as not to fall into big holes (FOR SECURITY ONLY HELEN), climbing ladders to some places too tall to climb to. It was immense, I dont know how far in we went, but the cave goes for 20 km supposedly. It was cold down there, but very fun. Amy was going through a difficult part when kerplunk! Her headlamp fell off her helmet and splashed into the water. Kudos to Petzel headlamps, the thing stayed lit even under 7 feet of H2O. One of the boys (Julie and her BF’s friends) went in to get it, despite our pleas to leave it. He said he couldnt bear the thought of the batteries fouling the water.

As far as food goes, Amy is in 7th heaven eating more cheese than you can shake a stick at, along with apples and pears,  fromage blanc, bread, and chocolate. Lucky for me she is able to pursue her baking desires here, so I get to eat yummy brownies and pies too. We had a fondue tonight and crepes for dinner the other night. 

The 16th we will be on the move, North to Normandie and our first WWOOF farm (learn more about WWOOF at and the place we will be staying at

Until later, au revoir. 


2 Responses to “Haute Savoie”

  1. D said

    You seem more at peace, Cris. Enjoy!

  2. mom said

    it sounds like quite a place to see, and the picture is awsome. i’m glad you get to do some relaxing and eatting. love mom xxoo

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