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faux royalty (from Amy)

Posted by Cris on October 19, 2007

We’re living in a castle. No joke! We are WOOFing at a place In Normandy, just a few miles from the famous beaches of D-Day. This is my first time WOOFing and quite honestly I can’t think of how it could get any better. The day begins with bacon and toast, then on to garden projects, a break for biscuits and coffee, more garden time, then a huge four course lunch! We then get the rest of the day to read and go on bike rides. I am also trying to start drawing again, starting with the sheep flitting about the castle grounds. They also have several ponds stocked with fish and the trouble-making ducks from next door. Our hosts, June and David, have made us feel instantly comfortable and at home. I am loving having a little time to process and unwind from the intensity of living in Ethiopia. When I came back from Senegal I was tempted to give away my worldly poccessions in reaction to all the poverty I saw. Coming back from Ethiopia I don’t have those feelings. Even though I witnessed horrible poverty and often a lack of basic human rights, it made me appreciate how lucky I am to live in the developed world. While I still want to live a socially-conscious life, I certainly am not feeling guilty about playing princess for awhile!


One Response to “faux royalty (from Amy)”

  1. mom said

    amy, enjoy the openess and the feel of the earth. and of course enjoy the food-cris told me what a great cook the guy was. love cathy xxxooo

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