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Been a long time…

Posted by Cris on March 8, 2008

Hello anyone out there who is still reading or getting updates. Yes, we are back safely in the States and have been for a few months now. I thought Id write briefly to give an update, a thank you, and sign off.

Amy is living in Portland, in a house with a few friends and our dog Besu. Besu is one of the pups fro Ethiopia, that I sent home in secret for a surprise Xmas present for Amy. Backa, the other pup, is still living in Addis with our friend Fikirte. Amy is well, working as a receptionist for a section-8 housing agency, and applying to nursing school in Portland.

I am living in Tacoma, WA with my best friend Drew, also working with him (and simultaneously satiating my bike-stuff addiction) at Old Town Bicycle in Gig Harbor, WA. I am planning on a move back to Portland in June. I have been accepted to Lewis and Clark College for a masters program in teaching, so depending on what happens with Amy’s apps I may start in June to become a REAL teacher.

No- if youre wondering- Amy and I didnt break up and we are still happily together. Just living in different places for now, which is a new kind of adventure for us.

Mostly here I wanted to say thanks to all of you who read and replied to the blog while we were away. It helped us immeasurably to feel like we had regular contact to other folks back home, and the replies I recieved to some of my posts helped ground me in reality when life turned a bit weird and surreal over there. So, THANK YOU!

W e miss Ethiopia in waves, especially the cheap produce and more especially the kids at the orphanages. I think we both still want to return to Ethiopia in the future, maybe a few years down the road. It truly was an amazing and difficult trip.

So people, goodbye. I dont anticipate writing here anymore. I have started a new blog at that you can check out if you want. I have been feeling like writing lately, so maybe itll turn into something. Who knows.

Thanks and Goodbye for now,



One Response to “Been a long time…”

  1. Rob said

    Welcome back! It’s really nice to hear what is going on. I’m sorry that you and Amy aren’t physically closer but we loved having her here around us. Helen seemed to be especially happy about that.

    Great news about Lewis and Clark – I’m sure your experiences in Ethiopia will be a major benefit with all kinds of “real-world” scenarios to draw from.

    I hope we get to sit around a fire and chat once you are back in Portland!


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